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Portfolio Building Workshops

Anthotype Workshop 

July 19, 6-9pm ~ $50

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to make Anthotypes – photographs made from plant juice emulsions, such as flower petals, roots and leaves. You will learn the entire anthotype process: 1) extracting plant juice emulsions; 2) applying emulsion to paper; and 3) exposing with sunlight. A short history on anthotypes will be included, as well as materials. We will be working in the large sunlit Waterview Room (Lakeshore/Bathurst). Bring a friend, and receive 20% off your purchase!

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Instructor Teresa Ascencao’s solo exhibition of anthotypes are currently on exhibit at Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, until August 17.








past workshops. more coming soon!

Model releases will be offered so that you can use the photographs for purposes such as portfolio building or creating artworks. Photographers will be given creative and technical guidance in studio lighting. You will learn how to manipulate light to describe form and express mood. All experience levels welcome.


Meditations on Diversity

Meditations on Diversity is the first in a series of photography workshops that explore how culture, photographer and the model shape the pose of diverse human bodies. In this workshop, we will focus on how Gi, a model who is transgendered, is transformed by a various lighting styles and drapery. Gi has modelled as both male and female, thus works as gender fluid. Meditations on Diversity takes its inspiration from life drawing aesthetics and explorations. 

Diverse Nudephoto by Bettina Rheims (left), and our model Gi (right)



Meditations on Athleticism

What is the male nude pose? Meditations on Athleticism is one in a series of photography workshops that explore how culture, photographer and the model shape the male nude pose. In this workshop, we will focus on how would yoga and sports poses are transformed by a dramatic lighting style. 

Nathan Lemieux
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images are of Alex our model as shot by workshop participants



The Neo Classical Pose

How does culture, gender, photographer, and the model shape the male nude pose? More importantly, with the female nude still proliferating in photography, what is the male nude pose? And, what would happen if we drench the pose in neoclassical lighting?

Inspired by Jacques Louis David’s 1778 painting of Hector (below left), The Male Nude Pose: Photography Workshop is an opportunity to explore these questions. Award-winning artist and teacher Teresa Ascencao will guide the workshop, while you photograph our model Mo-Morton (below right). In this strobe lighting workshop we will work through: Aperture, Shutter, ISO and white balance; manipulate light to sculpt form and express mood; and explore the male nude pose.

NeoClassical-Nude-sm   example painting “Hector” by Jaques Louis David, 1778 (left), and our model Mo Morton (right)

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