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Foundational Photography School: 3 Essential Lessons can be gifted to someone you love. Gift Certificates are available in $50 (towards one of three lessons) or $150 (for all three lessons). They can be redeemed for a package of 3 Camera lessons or 3 Photoshop lessons. Details below. To place your gift certificate order, email [email protected] and indicate your desired certificate value.

What is the Nude Male Pose? Meditations on Athleticism (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Alex)

Nathan Lemieux

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What is the Male Nude Pose? with Toronto Social Group (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Mo)

Ana M

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What is the Male Nude Pose? with neo-classical lighting (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Mo)

Ana M

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Manual Exposure at The Design Exchange (Foundational Photography School)

Deb Le

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What is the Male Nude Pose? with window light (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Phlip Arima)

Lance G. Quan

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Manual Exposure at the CNE (Foundational Photography School)

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Exploring Shutter at Honest Eds (Foundational Photography School)

Andrea Leung

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Exploring Aperture at Kensignton Market (Foundational Photography School)

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Past Student Work

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Instructor Photos

Ice Storm

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